Food is Love, Love is Food.

A blog devoted to the connection between meals, memories and the special moments in our lives.

About Me

Hi, I'm Katie.

I am a middle school English teacher by profession, and a lover of wonderful food shared with family and friends. I am intrigued by the connection between meals and memory, and have long associated some of my fondest remembrances with the meals of my childhood. I learned to cook by eating. My family lived in the same house with my maternal grandmother, and her simple and comforting Italian cooking set the tone for my life, not only in terms of the food we ate, but the atmosphere in which it was shared. She cooked from her heart, demonstrated her love through the active caring for those around her, and taught me that food is more than just sustenance; food is love. Writing about food is the intersection of all the things I love: cooking, writing, and sharing. I hope you enjoy the stories and recipes in this blog, and feel free to comment on what you read here. Thanks!